The 11th Affair – Issue #3: Shaza Wajjokh

Not your typical Art ♠️ Not your typical interview

Issue #3: Shaza Wajjokh

1. Childhood hero?

My uncle, still is.

2. On your music playlist?

The National

3. Favorite season?


4. City crush?

Marrakech – Morocco


5. Ice cream flavor?


6. Fun memory?

Trying to cut hair for the first time, my sister joined aliens after that.

7. Contemporary Artist(s)?

John Kenn Mortensen, Virginia Mori….

8. Life goals?

My goal is to live for my day, doing what makes me happy, isn’t that what life is all about!


9. Weaker Sex?

Weaker people, it’s not about the sex it’s about the person and what he\she believes he\she can do.

10. Untold fantasy?

Living isolated in the woods, having bears as my friends.

11. …life after death?

Void after death.


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