The 11th Affair – Issue #5: Sarah Norman

Not your typical Art . Not your typical interview .

Issue #5:

Sarah Norman



1. Favorite pencil number?


2. Hidden Talent?

I think my only talent is drawing.

 (Not really so hidden anymore)

3. Childhood memory?

When I was about 4, I wanted to pretend

to be the mailman, so I wrote the alphabet on pieces of paper, rolled them each

up, got on my bike and threw them into peoples yards…

4. Dream project?

My dream would be to do something in film, so my plan is to slowly work my way to that.

5. On your music playlist?

Trust ft. Isabella Manfredi – Flume

Just a lover – Hayden James

Feel the way I do – The Jungle Giants

On the level – Mac DeMarco

Subways – The Avalanches

If I Was a Folkstar – The Avalanches

Do I make you feel shy? – Connan Mockasin

Remember me – Tame Impala

I’m sick of you – Iggy and the stooges

Sweet sound of ignorance – SoKo

Sunday Morning – The Velvet underground



6. Favorite Artists?

Ruben Ireland

Savin Karim

Neva Hosking

Henn Kim

Dorian Legret

Christo Makatita

7. Food vices?

Greasy cheeseburgers

8. Life passion?

Basically anything to do with art…

whether its drawing/painting, film or music. I love it all.


9.Work ethics/habits?

I’ve defiantly made a habit out of having to play music or a movie/TV show while I work.

10. …Feminism?

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup.

11. Sin of choice?

Which one…?


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© 2017

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