The 11th Affair – Issue #7: Maria Uve

Not your typical Art . Not your typical interview .

Issue #7:

Maria Uve



1. Heroes?

I have many heroes, I admire anyone who has a dream or a goal and works hard to get it, and the best example are my parents.

2. Funny memory?

Funny memory … and embarrassing!
I remember on a vacation having fallen asleep in an elevator for 30 minutes.

3. Unforgettable live show?

I especially liked a concert that I went to see many years ago, Jamiroquai, but I still like the ones that are coming.


4. Bag essentials?

Hahaha, I’m very basic in that regard:
phone, money, tobacco, keys and sometimes candies.

5. Favorite quote?

I love  this  phrase of Calderón de la Barca:

“What is life? A frenzy. What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a fiction; and the greatest good is small; that all life is dream, and dreams, dreams are.”

For me it sums up the brevity of life, it tells you to enjoy the moments and the people, leaving aside the material things.

6.Contemporary Artists?

Bufff, a lot, from Yayoi Kusama to friends of mine who do incredible things, I could not make a list because I would never have an end.


7. Inspiration sources?

My sources of inspiration are very different, I think the common thread of my illustrations is to highlight the beauty and feminine strength, so I could say that I inspired in them.

I almost always rely on a photograph to capture a real expression while drawing.

8. Life advice?

My advice in life is to think about what you would be doing if the money did not exist, if your answer does not look like reality, then start to change that.

And above all respect others, even if they are totally contrary to yourself.

9. Deepest desire?

My deepest desire besides wishing the best to my family and friends, is to be able to dedicate one hundred percent to what I like. That would make very happy.



I condemn any type of violence, whether ideological or gender, or to animals…

11. Blue pill or Red pill?

Violet pill.

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