The 11th Affair – Issue #9: Sophrf

Not your typical Art . Not your typical interview .

Issue #9:


1. Day or night?


2. Summer memory?

All the beautiful colors in the sunsets.

3. Favorite movie?

The Virgin Suicides.


4. Healthy vice?

I could say drawing, but I love having a cup of tea almost everyday, and try different flavors!

5. Living hero?

Gabrielle Union, she’s been an inspiration for what she went through, sharing her experiences and educating young audiences about how to stop sexual assault, self respect and respect for others.

6. Sources of inspiration?

Human body, flowers, basically nature.



7. 2018 goal?

Earning more experience, invest in my abilities.

8. Favorite Artists?

Rihanna, Gaga, Portishead, Ravin Lenae.

9. Lesson learned?

Trust your guts!!


10. Minimalism?

Yes, please.

11. Accomplished dream?

Currently accomplishing 💕

Staying in NY for a couple of months exploring the city and myself.

Love what you see? Click any image to visit the artist shop!:)

© 2017



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